Welcome to the Tasca Telemachus

September 30, 2010
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Who said that in La Gomera there was a different place to enjoy a great atmosphere, superb service and excellent traditional food? Come to the Tasca Telemachus, in the municipality gum Hermigua (at No. 2 of the Plaza de la Encarnación, next to the church. Tel reservations: 922 88 08 12) and see for yourself that this is a place where they merge to perfectly the traditional cuisine and excellent decorative taste, all managed with the excellent treatment of our staff.

Browse our website: see our photos section to see the facilities, tour our food section to find out about our delicious menu, go to the "News" and find out the live performances, please contact us, leave your opinion or Recommend something, check out our Facebook on the "follow" the right of the web ... and do not forget to say hello to your facebook or twitter!

"It turns out that a string-clad women, music and illusion looms, they knew they could find so much life on the edge of a cliff. Something like when no search is displayed the good, the breaths that breathes hope and turn into something precious time to build on, something we want becomes infinite. This body was feeling a Hermigua tavern, where, taking advantage of the untouched landscape of palm trees and terraces that surround it, until the strawberries remember the unique value of the effort to check off, which embraces it arrives. We are going to embrace position, and these words, but sincere little girls are to return it. Do not want to walk without my joy. "

To Rochy, Nando, Olivia, Michael, Sunday, Zoran, Mari Cruz and tod @ s who have made ​​this experience possible. Mar'a

If you do not know how to get there, move around the map (Zoom in or out on it) or write from where you come and show you the path you have to continue to give us.